Authenticity Promise

Buy Boujee takes pride in the quality of its merchandise and does not sell reproductions items. Every item we sell has undergone a thorough control check to meet the highest standards of excellence. Buy Boujee has guaranteed the authenticity and condition of every item sold so that customers can purchase products with complete confidence and trust.

All New Items we sell as an authorized and approved Retailer/Reseller, and products are Guaranteed to be Authentic.

Before your order ships, our   shipping team checks the item(s)  for all proper identification items such as the authenticity cards and dust-bag/box, and any additional pieces for that product is included and inspects to assure that all items sold in new condition are new, with no defects. You will never received a used or pre-owned item from listing that says NEW.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to reproductions. We’ll give you a full refund if an item you’ve purchased turns out to be inauthentic or was otherwise misrepresented in its listing.

Buy Boujee uses manual reviews for each item on its site that is going to be listed or is listed, this includes pre-owned, slightly used items and new items to  detect and remove any reproduction items. We believe that the items have a 99.5% accuracy rate and  nearly every item you see on Buy Boujee is authentic.

If you come upon a listing on our site that you believe to be inaccurate or suspicious , please Contact Us right away so we may investigate the listing.

If you’ve made a purchase and don’t feel confident about the item’s authenticity, return the item to Buy Boujee with our pre-paid postage and we will have our team of experts will inspect the item. If we determine that it’s a reproduction, you will be entitled to a FULL REFUND returned back to your payment method.